Drunken Beauty Goddess Festival - Exclusive Goddess "Tipsy Wine List"

Dang Dang crotch ~ exclusive fairy pet day is coming!!


Since ancient times wine with beauty, "drunk beauty pink face, do not forget Yan delicate shame" is the portrayal of goddess love wine. Now, wine is goddess called "can drink mask", goddess festival has arrived, how can less wine to "makeup" point your goddess night?

Don't be anxious, Xiaobian this is for each goddess full of sincerity tipsy wine list, each is a high appearance level, high quality, cost-effective heart water choice, no matter what part of the goddess you are, there is always a suitable for you





The choice of Goddess - Saint Baolong International Winery black diamond grade ice wine

"When love is spread in the heart into a silent love words, like winter ice wine, bitterness is filtered away, sweet is left."





Finally, a secret: a 100 ml glass of sparkling wine produces about 2 million bubbles! Therefore, a party with sparkling wine is not only a carnival of human beings, but also a carnival of tongue tips and small bubbles. A proper tipsy is high enough. A party without sparkling wine is not a real party.

Some people like to collect wine and appreciate its story and beauty, while those who really know wine care more about the content and taste of wine. Because it is not only the taste that we aftertaste, but also the truth and the human touch hidden in the wine. No matter what day, as long as you can with the people who miss and love, is a holiday. Life has to meet a good woman, enough for us to aftertaste for a lifetime.





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