2019 New Year journey

St Bolon international wine industry core layer ten years as a day, up and down concentric, together; With a dream, keep moving forward, the first business has been basically completed, the dream of the beginning of the business has been realized in the New Year of 2017. A modern, high-standard, large-scale production center was completed and put into operation before the New Year bell rang in 2017.

Stay true to your original intention and keep moving forward. Recall the past, eventful years, look at the future, three thousand li hit water. The horn of the second venture of St Bollgren has sounded. Integrate the high-end resources of the world wine, do the promoter - grower - brewer of the Chinese wine industry, let every user get the ultimate enjoyment, provide every consumer with ecological, fashionable, high-quality St Bollgren products, is the inevitable choice of St Bollgren in the new era, and strive for it all day long!

We look forward to the standardization and prosperity of Chinese wine industry, and also look forward to Saint Bollard can write its own legend in the tide of Chinese wine industry!

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