Opinions of Environmental Protection Acceptance Working Group

Opinions of Environmental Protection Acceptance Working Group

On April 28, 2019, Yantai Shengbaolong International Wine Co., Ltd. organized the establishment of environmental protection acceptance team for the completion of wine, ice wine, fermented fruit wine and other distilled wine processing and filling projects. The acceptance working group is composed of representatives and professional technical experts from the construction unit - Yantai Shengbaolong International Wine Co., LTD., the monitoring unit - Yantai Jinglang Testing Co., LTD. (The list of acceptance working group is attached).
The acceptance working group heard the reports on the environmental protection implementation of the construction unit and the environmental protection acceptance monitoring of the completion of the acceptance monitoring unit, inspected the construction and operation of the project and environmental protection facilities on site, reviewed and verified the relevant data. In accordance with the announcement of the Interim Measures for the Acceptance of Environmental Protection of Construction Projects on Completion issued in EIA [2017]4, the project shall be accepted in strict accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, technical specifications for the acceptance of environmental protection of construction projects on completion, the report form of the environmental impact assessment of the project and the approval decision of the examination and approval department, and the acceptance opinions are as follows:
I. Basic information of the project
The wine, ice wine, fermented fruit wine and other distilled wine processing and filling project of Yantai Shengbaolong International Wine Industry Co., LTD is located at No. 29, Chaoyang Road, Fushan District, Yantai City. The project covers an area of 11,250 m2. The main project is the production workshop. The main production equipment includes wine storage tank, wine flow line, wine plate filter, wine freezing tank, etc. 17500 tons of bottled wine, 500 tons of ice wine, 1000 tons of fermented fruit wine, 1000 tons of brandy. The actual total investment of the project is 20 million yuan, of which 3 million yuan is invested in environmental protection, accounting for 2.5% of the total investment.
In January 2019, Yantai Shengbolong International Wine Co., Ltd. commissioned Chongqing Darun Environmental Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. to compile the Environmental Impact Report Form of the Wine, ice wine, Fermented fruit wine and other Distilled Wine Processing and Filling Project of Yantai Shengbolong International Wine Co., LTD. On March 13, 2019, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Fushan District of Yantai City approved the project with the Report on the Environmental Impact of the Processing and Filling Project of Wine, ice Wine, Fermented fruit wine and other distilled Spirits of Yantai Shengbaolong International Wine Co., LTD. Construction of the project began in March 2019 and was completed in April 2019.
Ii. Project Changes:
2. Construction of environmental protection facilities
(1) Waste water
The project wastewater is domestic sewage and production wastewater, among which the production wastewater is bottle cleaning wastewater, concentrated water of purified water equipment and backwashing purified water equipment water, and electric heating steam generator regular drainage. After being treated by septic tank, domestic sewage and production wastewater are discharged into the municipal sewage network and finally treated by Luiziwan Sewage Treatment Plant.
(2) waste gas
(3) Noise
The main noise source of the project is the noise of filling machine, filter and other equipment. Measures such as foundation shock absorption, sound insulation and noise reduction are adopted to reduce the impact of noise on the surrounding environment.
(4) Solid waste
Solid waste generated by the project includes waste packaging materials, waste filter slag, waste diatomite and household waste. Waste packaging materials and waste filter residue generated in the process of wine filtration are collected and sold abroad; Waste diatomaceous earth and household refuse shall be removed and disposed of by environmental sanitation departments.
3. Commissioning results of environmental protection facilities
1. Waste water
The pH value of the total sewage outlet in the plant area ranges from 7.30 to 7.48. The maximum values of SS, CODcr, ammonia nitrogen and BOD5 daily mean values are as follows: 74mg/L, 430mg/L, 2.89mg/L and 142mg/L, all of which are in line with the allowable discharge concentration standard in Table 1B grade Standard of the implementation standard "Water Quality Standard for Sewage Discharge into Urban Sewers" (GB/T 31962-2015).
2. Noise
The monitoring result of the daytime noise of the factory boundary is 52.3dB(A), which meets the requirement of the 60dB(A) limit of Class 2 standard in the Environmental Noise Emission Standard of the Factory Boundary of Industrial Enterprises (GB 12348-2008).
Iv. Acceptance conclusion
The environmental protection procedures for wine, ice wine, fermented fruit wine and other distilled wine processing and filling projects of Yantai Shengbaolong International Wine Co., Ltd. are complete, and the environmental protection requirements in the environmental assessment approval have been implemented. During the trial operation, the pollutants have been discharged to meet the standards. Under the premise of implementing the measures and suggestions put forward by the acceptance working group, the environmental protection acceptance conditions of the construction project have been met.
V. Measures and Suggestions
1. It is suggested that intermittent tank washing wastewater should be treated and discharged to the standard.
2. Strengthen the daily maintenance and management of various environmental protection facilities to ensure the normal operation of environmental protection facilities and stable discharge of pollutants up to standard.

Acceptance working group
April 28, 2019

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