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In this vast universe, in this blue planet, there are two magical latitude lines: 30° - 50° north latitude, 30 - 50° south latitude. These two lines are the golden latitude lines for the growth of wine grapes.
Headquartered in Yantai, one of the seven gold coasts in the world, with the reputation of "Oriental Bordeaux" and "World Grape-Wine City", there is a company founded in 2007, sixteen years of hard work, sixteen years of focusing on one thing, one goal, and that is to bring the For 16 years, we have been focusing on one thing and one goal, that is, to provide the world's high quality wines to the Chinese consumers who know and love wines, and we have sold 100 million bottles of high quality wines so far.

This company is "Yantai St. Baldrick's International Wines".

In the past ten years, the people of St. Paul's have done two things:
One is to integrate the world's high-quality wine resources based on Yantai, amplify the core competitiveness, and work in the upper reaches of the industry chain, so far it has cooperated with Chateau Amis in France, Bregueso Agricultural Cooperative in Spain, and Pelazolli Winery in Chile for six years, and formed a strategic partnership. These three wineries are all century-old wineries inherited from generation to generation.
In the imported wine segment, "originating from a hundred years of wineries, comparable to the world's quality", the people of St. Baldrick's take making good wines and making the most cost-effective wines as the mission of the enterprise, and the heart of achieving the customers will never change!
Secondly, "a bottle of good wine, we have been working hard for sixteen years", St. Baldrick's people in Heshuo County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to "company + farmer mode" planted 12,000 acres of organic grapes, this piece of Portugal, St. Baldrick's people to do a triple organic: soil organic, Organic vines, organic grapes. The annual output of this vineyard is 2000 tons of high-quality winery wine. Saint-Paul's Xinjiang vineyard selects the Gobi wasteland that has not been subjected to any farming and pollution, with the whole organic planting, irrigated by the meltwater from Tianshan Mountain, and with the unique climate influence of Lake Bosten, the grapes in this production area have extremely high content of polyphenol substances such as Resveratrol, Flavonols, Proanthocyanidins, and so on.
In 2016, Shengbolong Xinjiang Portuguese Garden was authorized to use the "National Protected Geographical Indication Product" logo, and the organic wines brewed in the garden have won numerous awards in domestic and international wine competitions and wine challenges, including "Silver Medal in the 7th and 8th Asian Wine Competition", "Silver Award in the Trophy of Asian Wine Competition", "Silver Award in the Trophy of Asian Wine Competition", and "Silver Award in the Trophy of Asian Wine Competition". The organic wines made in the vineyard have won many awards in wine competitions and wine challenges at home and abroad, such as "Silver Medal of the 7th and 8th Asian Wine Competition", "Bronze Medal of the Top100 China Wine Competition", and Gold Medal of the World Wine Competition 2019.

Since the beginning of 2016, the people of St. Baldrick's have spent two years to do two more things:
The first is to invest 80 million yuan in Yantai City, Fushan District to establish a modern production base integrating the world wine theme culture display, high-end wine cellar, wine, fruit wine, brandy, ice wine production.
Secondly, "St. Baldrick's International Wine Industry" has entered the era of brand marketing:
On October 14, 2019, Mr. Li Wensen, the chairman of St. Baldrick's International Wine Industry, along with the core layer, held a signing ceremony with Mr. Ma Jingtao, a film and television superstar, so "St. Baldrick's International Wine Industry" has entered the era of celebrity endorsement. 
2. Continuously investing in advertisements on CCTV and local satellite TV. 3. 
3. Promotions on Baidu, 360, Jittery, Today's headlines and other online platforms are everywhere.
4. The construction of the national chain of specialty stores of St. Baldrick's International Winery is in full swing.
A St. Baldrick's International Winery iron army is being formed, insight into the market they have eagle-like eyes, to meet customers they have leopard-like speed, the implementation of the decision-making they have the general tenacity of the mountain. Serving customers, they uphold the spirit of "doing their best", never complain and never give up.
The pursuit of excellence is the cultural gene of St. Baldrick's people.
In the planting process: St. Baldrick's people firmly believe that good grapes need good seedlings, St. Baldrick's 12,000 acres of Xinjiang vineyards all use Italian seedlings, which are detoxified, cold-resistant and drought-resistant! Saint-Paul's own vineyard planting guidance and brewing by the second largest agricultural company in Spain - Spain Bregueso Agricultural Cooperative Technical Director Nixio master of the whole program.
Saint-Paul has invested 20 million yuan for the renewal of tank equipment, the construction of stainless steel tanks for storage of original wine, and the stabilization of original wine, etc. All the equipment is at the international first-class level. All the equipments are at the international first-class level.
The product testing center of Saint-Berg Dragon International Wine Industry was built according to the national laboratory standards, advanced equipment and first-class talents ensure that every bottle of wine from the factory is 100% qualified. 14 September 2018 Saint-Berg Dragon International Wine Industry passed the organic product certification of Beijing Acosel Certification Center; in March 2019, Saint-Berg Dragon organic wine was formally stationed in the "China Organic Valley", which became China Organic Wine Industry's largest wine producer. In March, 2019, Saint-Bergogne Organic Wine officially entered the "China Organic Valley" and became the strategic cooperation unit of China Organic Valley, and became the only wine company to stay in the Valley.On August 13th, 2019, Saint-Bergogne International Wine passed the HACCP management system certification of Shenzhen HuanTong Certification Center. So far, Saint-Berg Long International Wine Industry has the powerful strength to go out, "How brilliant is the Belt and Road, Saint-Berg Long wants to compete to the center of the world".
In the marketing link: Saint-Berg Long people study the new retail in the era of Internet +: Tmall, 1688 wholesale network as a platform to directly serve the C-end customers, Saint-Berg Long national chain stores as a scenario-based marketing platform, through the development of big data, "community operations", binding customers with card mode, using the sales promotion to trigger the whole city, so that the customers will follow for life!
Let both moral and talented talents gallop across the country, Saint-Paul people want to be the wolves in the market, with the wolf culture to create an iron army, with the spirit of the wolf to serve the market; Phoenix Nirvana, inspirational, struggling Saint-Paul people want to build a high-end wine ecosystem, to build the Saint-Paul world competition pattern, to be the aircraft carrier of the Chinese wine field; to be the King of the Brambles and the waves, to the world!

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